Twitter Trend in Support Of Sant Asharamji Bapu Tommorow #BailOn7thJan

Twitter Trend in Support Of Sant Asharamji Bapu Tommorow #BailOn7thJan

Hari Om, Prabhuji,
Jay Gurudeva !

Sant Asharamji Bapu has suffered all the injustice all by himself. It is time now to show him and the entire world that We Support #Asharamji Bapu.

On 5th January, on twitter, a major campaign has been planned to spread our message for Sant Asharamji Bapu to the entire world. It is job of all Ladies and Gentlemen to make a contribution and be a part of this revolution for Sant Asharamji Bapu on twitter.

We are now within 1 days of creating a stir nationally for Bapuji.
There is only one aim we have for the 5th of Jan. To ensure Bapuji
gets bail on the 7th Jan, and we will not leave any stone unturned in
making sure that happens.

It’s time to get all hands on twitter on 5th January, 2014, 08.30 AM
onwards, and tweet using #BailOn7thJan. It is not a fight for Bapuji
alone, it is not a fight for Sadhaks alone, it is a fight for truth
over lies, justice over injustice, a fight of every single individual
of this country.

Date : 05th, January, 2014

Day : Sunday

Time : 08.30 AM onwards

Venue : Twitter

Hashtag : #BailOn7thJan

Lets tell this country’s media see what they are up against. Lets
fight against this corrupt administration, prejudiced media and biased
policing. They will all be defeated this Sunday, coz truth prevails
always and truth is on the side of Bapuji. #BailOn7thJan

It is our time to change the view of the people and counter the media with facts! It is the army of Truth Lovers against the group of T.R.P. hungry Media. Let’s unite to defeat them with facts and truth.


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Visit: SantAsharam.Org


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  1. I have a request. Please change the Twitter posts from #Bail.. to #Justice4Bapuji.
    Because we do not just want a Bail where the case still goes on and bapuji has to visit court repeatedly. We want the case to end for good. Also, here is what Bapuji wants:

    जोधपुर कोर्ट के आदेश के अनुसार अगर ९ जनवरी तक कोर्ट में पूज्य बापू के खिलाफ कोई भी पुख्ता सबूत पेश नहीं हो पाये तो पूज्य बापूजी का case रद्द हो जायेगा। पूज्य बापूजी ने भी कहा है की “मुझे कोई बेल – वेल नहीं चाहिये…मुझे case रद्द चाहिये।” ‘

    Therefore, please spread the word for the new Twitter Trend #Justice4Bapuji.

    I hope you will pay attention and spread the word so that our intentions are in alignment with what Bapuji wants.


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