Antahkaran ke 3 dosh kya aur kaise door karen


अंतःकरण के तीन दोष कैसे दूर करें ?

परम पूज्य संत श्री आशारामजी बापू की अमृतवाणी

सत्संग के मुख्य अंश :

* अन्तःकरण के तीन दोषों को वेदांत की भाषा में मल बोलते है |

* मल माना आगे पीछे का सोचे बिना मज़ा करो ,गन्दगी है |

* मल को दूर करने केलिए धर्म ,कर्म,नियम | वासना को नियंत्रित करने के लिए धर्म है |

* मन को एकाग्र करने के लिए ध्यान का महत्त्व है |

* ध्यान से योग्यता बढ़ती है लेकिन जीव भाव बना रहता है |

* मल को मिटाने के लिए शुद्ध कर्म,चंचलता को मिटाने के लिए ध्यान-एकाग्रता लेकिन अज्ञान को मिटाने के लिए आत्मज्ञान की जरुरत पड़ती है |

There are 3 faults of ANTAHKARAN (inner instrument) . They are called MAL (Bad) in language of Vedanta.
Mal means whatever comes in mind,  eats, drink and have fun.Do not think about past and results. Have fun in present. Like a moth which gets burned in the flame just for pleasure this is Senselessness, is mal.
It is foolishness. The Mal means fault in understanding. That is called mal. DHARAMKARAMNIYAM (Religion – Act – regulation) is to remove mal. DHARAM (religion) is to control desires.
And to concentrate mind and to get  (spiritual) powers DHYAN (MEDITATION) is very important.
But DHYAN (meditation) increases abilities, gets strength, personality remains, JEEV BHAV (body gesture) exists.
If personality remains than he/she will use power of DHYAN for enjoyment,will use it to praise of himself/ herself and will use it up. Again consciousness is required and pure deeda to remove mal,
DHYAN (Meditation) and concentration to remove fickleness, but self-consciousness to remove ignorance.
My Guruji used to say –
Dirt in the house will be removed only by sweeping, but the holes of house can be removed only by filling with cement-concrete.
Darkness won’t removed by cow-dung or cement or sweeping.
That darkness can be removed only by lighting. Utterly certain true thing

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