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To Hell Do They Go

-Param Pujya Sri Lilashahji Maharaj


leelashah ji

Be humane. Learn to cultivate humanistic qualities. One who is humane listens to the good of all and does good to all. 
Sant Meera has said:
Those who defame us, to Hell do they go.
To Hell they go, cleansing our sins
The man not knowing himself, gets engaged in knowing others: “This is like that…he is like that…” Knowing oneself means knowing the Atman. One who knows the Atman is rare.
Every body says, “I am right.” You would ask: “Swamiji! Is this (knowing oneself) so important?” Yes, sure! One, who has not known his own Self, how can he know others? He isa mere animal.Having obtained the human form, if you have not awakened your real nature, not kindled the Light of Knowledge in your heart, not known your real Self, then what have you achieved by coming into this world? The real good of man lies in knowing his true Self.By indulging in calumny, hatred, deceit and trickery you are harming yourself and the society. And God knows how many wombs you will enter to reap the fruits of calumny and deceit.
It is said:One, who has no deceit in the mind, who is sincere and honest, such a saintly soul can transcend the ocean of samsara, so says the poet Narayana.Calumny and praise bind the jiva. Therefore, living in the company of the God-loving saints and listening to their satsang, know thyself. This will relieve you from the miseries of birth and death forever
Rishi Prasad ,194,February 2009
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